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26 Feb

Benefits of Talent Pipeline

Talent Pipeline is a one step ahead process of recruiting candidate you do for your clients. You have to accumulate the database of people who your client may want to hire in the future, either as replacements for critical positions that currently exist or for new roles that may open up within the business. Building [...]
04 Jan

6 Surprising Facts Of Talent Corner Recruitment Franchise

Work alone or in a team This Franchise Business gives freedom to start as an Individual or also with a team. Both the form have got their own benefits as Starting Alone will help you to understand the business from the roots of it and also the Challenges which are there in recruitment cycle and [...]
25 Jun

Why should I buy a Franchise based Business?

Buying a franchise is a quick way to set up your business without having to start from the scratch. It gives you independence of small business ownership supported by the business of a big business network. 1. Capital One of the most prominent barriers to setting up a business is the lack of access to [...]
25 Jun

5 key elements involved in the process of recruitment

Recruitment is the search for potential candidates to meet the organization’s goals and objectives. There are five key elements involved in the process of recruitment. 1. Plan Development In order to find the appropriate candidate, it is important to identify the vacant position first. In the first phase, the description of the position to be [...]
24 Jun

What are Recruitment metrics?

Recruitment metrics are a standard set of measurements used to optimize and improve the process of hiring candidates into an organization. These candidates are either employee of the organization or people looking for job opportunities. Some of the most frequently used metrics are: 1. Source of Hire An organization recruits through different recruiting methods. For [...]
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