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Why Companies Are Starting Up in Bangalore?

Why Companies Are Starting Up in Bangalore?

According to statistics, India ranks third in the number of startups in the world. It is becoming popular by the day, with startups mushrooming everywhere and investors putting their funds in this region. The startup culture in India has spread to a lot of cities and is not just restricted to the metros anymore.

The name that comes on top here is Bangalore. Bangalore is like the Silicon Valley of India, with its constantly increasing number of startups. Bangalore is like the nectar to the bees that are startups. Bangalore is not just a popular name in India, it has been ranked 15th in the Global Startup Ecosystem Rankings.

Bangalore has the highest number of technical talent and tech based companies in the country. People from all parts with an aim to make a bright career flow into this city, and thus where the identical minds meet who have something to do disruptive. Something happens which we call as Startup. Many Startup events as well as other activities and support required for the startup is easily available here.

Reasons Why Companies Are Starting Up in Bangalore?

  1. Access to Technical Talent: Bangalore has a number of good engineering / science schools and proximity to Chennai, Hyderabad, Surathkal, Trichy etc. makes it more attractive compared to Delhi or Mumbai. Also, companies like Google & Amazon situated in Bangalore attracts more talented people to the city on an addition.
  1. Access to Capital: Many big VCs and Angels are based out of Bangalore. Also, the startup / technical community is more connected in Bangalore compared to Delhi or Mumbai.
  2. Tech. Media Presence: Some well-known media/blog publishers such as Yourstory.in are based out of Bangalore. This gives companies an easy access to networking and events on a regular basis.
  3. Perception / Ranking: Perception outside India is that Bangalore still is the tech. hub of India. e.g., Uber did their first launch in Bangalore. Bangalore was ranked one of world’s top 8 innovation clusters, TechCrunch has had events in Bangalore etc.
  4. Cost of Living: Cost of living in Bangalore is lower compared to Delhi and Mumbai.
  1. Weather: No match. Bangalore has the best weather amongst the cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Hyderabad.

With the growing number of Startups and International companies setting up base in Bangalore, we see this city as a great opportunity to expand ourselves.

Last month Talent Corner had participated in an event and got an opportunity to interact with more than 200 people who are planning to start their own recruitment business with us.

Bangalore is still considered the best place for a start-up, not because it has any geographical advantage over other metros but the success of several entrepreneurs who started off from this place drives us into this consideration.

Talent corner is well prepared to solve the recruitment challenges of startups and established companies in Bangalore.

Reasons Why Companies Are Starting Up in Bangalore

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