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Turn your part time passion into your Full Time Business

13 Apr

Turn your part time passion into your Full Time Business

There are some dreams which we can see with open eyes! Yes, a dream of starting our own business and letting our self-drifting away from mundane job cycle. We aspire to be an entrepreneur but our current financial situation always opens our eyes and forces us to face the harsh reality. So we wonder what the solution is. Shall we curb our desire to be a business owner? Our answer is NO!

The idea is rather than completely leaving the job and starting a full-time business; it is always better to start a business on the part-time basis. It reduces your risk because you can rely on income and benefits from your full-time job. It also allows your business to grow more gradually. The main advantages of part-time business are you can work as per your time availability. With adapting or upgrading time management skills it is observed that people can expect to earn an amount equivalent to their full-time job’s salary. And with dedication and continuous efforts one can always exceed the targets. Part-time business opportunity also acts as a transitional stage before you decide to finally quit the current job and take ahead the part-time business in a full fledged mode. Following are the few aspects and benefits of starting any business first on a Part-time basis –

Type of Business

The nature of a part-time venture is often an important factor in its long-term viability. Certain businesses can be more easily maintained without unduly complicating regular job obligations such as Digital Marketing, Recruitment etc. Service driven businesses often allow for this kind of flexibility.

Scheduling flexibility

The individual’s full-time job should be flexible enough to give him or her the time and resources to take care of the entrepreneurial business’s needs during normal business hours or during particularly busy periods.

When you are considering the depth of the water of the part-time business; there is one more thing what you need to finalise is whether you want to reinvent the wheel or ready to hop into already rolling wagon! When people decide that they want to start a business on a part-time basis then the first thing which comes up in our mind is whether to invent the business model or run thee already invented model i.e. Franchise. We suggest that the franchise model always works better as the Franchisor’s brand is already established and they have already invented the wheel. When you opt for a franchise model than with this one decision you are able to eliminate the challenges like – less time to market, strategize and build a clientele.
Then you need to select the franchise opportunities available on the part-time basis. There are several part-time business opportunities are available in Educational, Digital and Sales & Marketing sectors. But these opportunities require the different set of skills or prior work experience or hardcore selling skills and most importantly rather less flexible working hours. Some of us are might be not lacking these skills or comfortable with these areas.
So shall we conclude that unless and until one is having a brilliant idea they cannot venture into a part-time business? The answer is No. Recruitment Industry is one sector which offers plenty of part-time business opportunities.
The job does not require any special qualification or eligibility. We have 70% of our franchise Partners who started working with us on a part-time basis and after getting settled in the business they took their business to the next level i.e. doing it on a Full-time basis.

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