Investor friendly destination in India – Gujarat

Gujarat is recognized for its vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit and is one of India’s leading states in industry and commerce. It plays a pivotal role in the fast altering business dynamics of India to meet the globalization drive. Gujarat has been and continues to be the pride of India from an economic, cultural and social development perspective. The State has a richly varied heritage of culture and art which has its roots in rural areas.

Gujarat is becoming the fastest growing infrastructure hub of the country. The fact is that Gujarat is growing at a pace of nearly 12% compared to the country’s GDP growth of 8.8%. Ahmedabad being the largest city of Gujarat has a tremendous potential for future growth. Forbes list of the world’s fastest growing cities included Ahmedabad at number 3.

Ahmedabad is the second largest industrial center in western India. It has a blooming pharmaceuticals and chemicals industry. Two of the largest pharmaceutical companies of Torrent Pharmaceuticals India and Zydus Cadila are located in the city. Gujarat has an inherent Entrepreneurial spirit. Depending on the investment environment there are several factors that influence investment opportunities in Gujarat few of them are listed below:

1. Proactive Government and its policies
Gujarat’s government plays a pivotal role in its industrial growth. The Gujarat Government has undertaken several policies that aim to promote overall development of the economy. Gujarat Government has incredible development plans The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) is strategically planned Project of the Government 18 Regions of Gujarat. It is spread along 1483 kms. Gujarat has further launched specific policies that cater to the development of specific sectors such as roads, ports, Information Technology, biotechnology, and agriculture.

2. Abundance of Natural Resources
Gujarat is the “petrocapital” State of India. It is rich in its mineral base. It has a tremendous growth in Agriculture field with ac 9.6% expansion in its farm production. Industries hugely rely on these naturally available resources.

3. Skilled Manpower
Gujarat excels in skilled manpower. Gujarat has amongst the least number of man days lost. It amounts to 0.6 per cent of the country’s total.

4. Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit
The government of Gujarat organizes Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit every year with the focus on Social and Economic Development. It brings together ministers, heads of states and governments, leaders from the corporate world, heads of international institutions from around the world to promote cooperation and development. It received an overwhelming response with investments of a whopping 12 lakh Crores.

5. Public Private Partnership (PPP)
The PPP model is encouraged by Gujarat Government in Infrastructure Sector to influence entrepreneurial spirit of Gujarat. It has numerous effects on Government efforts. Innovative and Mega Projects are being encouraged by the State.

6. Well connected to Mumbai and Delhi
Centrally located between the country’s capital Delhi and financial capital Mumbai, Gujarat is very well connected by rail and road transport systems. The government is developing a High Speed Rail passenger corridor from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with the cooperation of the Government of Japan. Additionally, the modernisation of 20 railway stations based on PPP in Gujarat is also expected to be undertaken.

7. Well connected for International Trades
Gujarat has well developed infrastructure. Gujarat is located on the western coast of India and has the longest coastline of 1,600 km in the country. With one major port and 44 non-major ports, Gujarat has the highest number of operational and commercial cargo ports in India.


Gujarat is fast becoming the infrastructure hub of the country. Investment in Gujarat counts a major share in India’s Investment ratio. Investors have ample business opportunities for various Projects.The major areas to focus on for investments in Gujarat include Gems and Jewellery, Pharma and Biotech, Petrochemicals and Chemicals, Automobile, Agriculture and food, Power, Tourism and last but not the least Information Technology.

According to firstpost report, Corporates from India and abroad pledged to invest an astonishing Rs 25 lakh crore and signed 21,000 MoUs at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit. We are expecting a huge job opportunity for skilled manpower in the coming years in the state of Gujarat and hence have made our presence in the state.

Ahmedabad Infographics

Chennai the Next Startup Destination of India

Chennai situated on the east coast of is known as the Detroit of India. It has a perfect ecosystem for the startups to set its base. Chennai has the highest literacy rate among the 10 most populous urban centers in India. With a literacy rate of 81.3 percent, Chennai's literacy level is marginally higher than that of Mumbai. This is one of the vital reasons why companies are interested in investing here.

Chennai has the right combination of professional and talent base for the business to flourish. It has easy access to innovative new technologies. More and more companies today prefer Chennai for their business startups.

Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) provides active support to Chennai for its emerging entrepreneurs. Chennai can compete closely with other IT hubs such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. In the past 4 years, IT Sector has seen phenomenal growth. IT organizations such as Infosys, TCS, Wipro, and Cognizant are rapidly expanding their operations in Chennai. A large number of MNC’s have also started their operations in Chennai.

Top reasons companies prefer Chennai for their future investments:

1. Good infrastructure facilities

Infrastructure growth in Chennai has been able to keep pace with the increased amount of the
development happening around the city. The cost of real estate is reasonable.

2. IT service talent pool

The talent pool of IT service companies is growing progressively everyday. The majority of the talent pool is from South Indian States primarily of Andhra Pradesh (AP), Tamil Nadu (TN), Kerala and Karnataka. Talent from other parts of India is also gradually making their presence in Chennai.

3. Government support

The federal and state governments have undertaken new initiatives to support the growth of the industry in Chennai. Tamil Nadu Government has funded for massive IT parks like Tidal Park and Ascendas.

4. Education

Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu contribute significantly to the national talent pool. There are around 552 engineering colleges spread across Tamil Nadu. IIT-Chennai and Anna University are the premier institutes of technology in the country. The state is producing vast talent pool every year.

5. Salary band

The Average CTC paid to employees is lesser compared to other cities such as Bangalore,

Hyderabad, Pune or NCR region. Resources in Bangalore get paid 25% to 30% more than

similar resources in Chennai. Hyderabad-based resources get 10% to 15% more CTC than in


6. Cost of living

Compared to Mumbai and Delhi overall the cost of living in Chennai is 20 % less.

7. Transportation ƒ

Chennai is well connected with other Indian cities via road, rail, and airways. The city has an

International airport as well as a seaport.

8. Power

Compared to other Indian metropolitan cities Chennai has negligible issues related to power

failure. Commercial and residential customers have power availability as high as 99.7 percent.

Chennai is a land of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Considering the above-mentioned reasons,

Talent Corner has concluded that Chennai has a tremendous potential to expand. We are well

equipped to support the recruitment business coming up in Chennai.

Tamil Nadu India’s economic powerhouse

Tamil Nadu India’s economic powerhouse

Tamil Nadu is the fourth largest state of India. It has a diversified manufacturing sector and features among the leading states in several industries like automobiles, components, engineering, pharmaceuticals, garments, textile products, leather products, chemicals, plastics, etc. It ranks first among the states in terms of number of factories and industrial workers.

Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (TIDCO), State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT), Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation Limited (TIIC), and Tamil Nadu Small Industries Development Corporation Limited (TANSIDCO) are jointly developing industrial infrastructure in the state.


Between 2004-05 and 2015-16, Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) expanded at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.31 per cent to US$ 175.33 billion whereas the Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) expanded at a CAGR of 12.84 per cent to US$ 163.12 billion.

Tamil Nadu Industrial Guidance & Export Promotion Bureau has been set up with the objective of attracting major investment proposals into Tamil Nadu.

Some of the major initiatives taken by the government to promote Tamil Nadu as an investment destination are:

  • In the 2015-16 budget, the state government announced plans to invest US$ 2.11 billion for the development of power infrastructure in the state.
  • For 2015-16, Chennai and Coimbatore have been chosen under the programme of Smart Cities by Government of India. Further, the state government has allocated US$ 61.10 million for the smart cities programme and US$ 76.38 million for AMRUT, as per the interim budget 2016-17.
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu is planning to increase the automobile manufacturing capacity to 5.8 million units by 2020.
  • The government is continuously working on developing strong IT infrastructure in order to support the development of hardware and software industries. In the 2016-17 budget, US$ 20.66 million was allocated for the Information Technology Department.
  • In 2015, the state government announced plans to set up four mega food parks in the state. The state government of Tamilnadu has released an amount of US$ 5 million for this project.
  • Tamil Nadu Vision 2023 envisages an investment of US$ 27.7 billion for improving highways. Chennai is slated to get 17 new projects worth US$ 334.8 million.
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu has unveiled an automobile policy which would focus on future development and consolidation of the automobile and components industry, where the state enjoys a comparative advantage.
  • Upgradation of ~145 km road to 4 lanes has been planned to be undertaken under PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) mode.
  • Tamil Nadu Government has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with five auto companies – Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, India Yamaha Motor, Ashok Leyland-Nissan, Eicher Motors and Philips Carbon Black – for an investment of up to US$ 1.7 billion in the state.
  • In order to attract more investment in hardware manufacturing, the state has set up an expert committee with representatives from the industry to evaluate the potential and advise the government on the way forward.


Core Sectors
Tamil Nadu has historically been attracting investments in textiles, leather, automobiles, autocar components, finance and IT. Renewable energy is another sector where the state attracts a substantial amount of investment; also the automobile sector continues to remain one of our most attractive segments for our investors. Over the years, various automobile companies have been signing agreements with the state government for setting up large projects.

The core sectors of Tamil Nadu are:

  1. Auto components
  2. IT and ITES
  3. Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
  4. Heavy Engineering
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Electronic Order manufactures
  7. Renewable energy
  8. Aerospace

The state has the highest number of business enterprises that is about 10.56 per cent and is second in total employment in India that is around 9.97 per cent. Many heavy engineering and manufacturing-based industries are located in and around Chennai which is why the area is also called “The Detroit of Asia”. Global auto giants like Hyundai, Ford, BMW, Caterpillar and Mitsubishi as well as domestic heavyweights like MRF, Ashok Leyland, TI cycles of India, Mahindra and Mahindra, Royal Enfield, TVS and TAFE Tractors have their manufacturing units around Chennai. 

Why Companies Are Starting Up in Bangalore?

According to statistics, India ranks third in the number of startups in the world. It is becoming popular by the day, with startups mushrooming everywhere and investors putting their funds in this region. The startup culture in India has spread to a lot of cities and is not just restricted to the metros anymore.

The name that comes on top here is Bangalore. Bangalore is like the Silicon Valley of India, with its constantly increasing number of startups. Bangalore is like the nectar to the bees that are startups. Bangalore is not just a popular name in India, it has been ranked 15th in the Global Startup Ecosystem Rankings.

Bangalore has the highest number of technical talent and tech based companies in the country. People from all parts with an aim to make a bright career flow into this city, and thus where the identical minds meet who have something to do disruptive. Something happens which we call as Startup. Many Startup events as well as other activities and support required for the startup is easily available here.

Reasons Why Companies Are Starting Up in Bangalore?

  1. Access to Technical Talent: Bangalore has a number of good engineering / science schools and proximity to Chennai, Hyderabad, Surathkal, Trichy etc. makes it more attractive compared to Delhi or Mumbai. Also, companies like Google & Amazon situated in Bangalore attracts more talented people to the city on an addition.
  1. Access to Capital: Many big VCs and Angels are based out of Bangalore. Also, the startup / technical community is more connected in Bangalore compared to Delhi or Mumbai.
  2. Tech. Media Presence: Some well-known media/blog publishers such as are based out of Bangalore. This gives companies an easy access to networking and events on a regular basis.
  3. Perception / Ranking: Perception outside India is that Bangalore still is the tech. hub of India. e.g., Uber did their first launch in Bangalore. Bangalore was ranked one of world’s top 8 innovation clusters, TechCrunch has had events in Bangalore etc.
  4. Cost of Living: Cost of living in Bangalore is lower compared to Delhi and Mumbai.
  1. Weather: No match. Bangalore has the best weather amongst the cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Hyderabad.

With the growing number of Startups and International companies setting up base in Bangalore, we see this city as a great opportunity to expand ourselves.

Last month Talent Corner had participated in an event and got an opportunity to interact with more than 200 people who are planning to start their own recruitment business with us.

Bangalore is still considered the best place for a start-up, not because it has any geographical advantage over other metros but the success of several entrepreneurs who started off from this place drives us into this consideration.

Talent corner is well prepared to solve the recruitment challenges of startups and established companies in Bangalore.

Reasons Why Companies Are Starting Up in Bangalore

Hiring Trends

Without a Doubt there is a Spurt in Recruitment. We too have witnessed Positive Sentiments. We see in the Enclosed Report that there is a 3% improvement in the Hiring Sentiments. With All honestly, we thinks its much more.

While most of the statistics mentioned in the Report match to that we have at Talent Corner, we have a different view on the IT Industry. While we understand that the IT industry is going through its Low Phase in terms of Recruitments, we have witnessed some Good & Serious Mandates given to us.

One of the Area’s where we would love to See an Improvement is More work coming from the Auto industry. This is one industry where we have just not been challenged enough.

Success Story August 2016

August 2016, Saw some Extremely Challenging Positions For the Talent Corner Team. Some of the Positions we are able to Close Included a Sr. Project Manager At a CMM Level 5 IT Company, A Sr- Architect Position at a Renowned Architectural Firm, A Sr. Project Manager  Role at a Infrastructure & Township Planning Company amongst many others.

However One Profile which really pushed the Team was of a General Manager Position at a Steel & Alloy Manufacturing Company in their Factory at Orissa. The Mandate was not Very Simple & they wanted us to Focus Only on a Specific Candidate from a Target Company. After having spoken to the candidate we learnt that although he was ready for the Job Role, he was not a Right Culture Match.

It took us some convincing to get the client to meet other candidates apart from this one who they were ready to offer. However after a lot of persistence from our end they ended up meeting 2 other candidates we recommended & actually selected one out of them. The client appreciated our efforts as we not only ensured that the candidate fit their role & company but also ensured a Factory Visit & joining within 7 days from the Offer. This Pro-Activeness ensured that there were no Last Minute Back Outs.

Our client has further introduced us to their other Business Venture into Serviced Offices where we are recruiting Talent in the Marketing Team, Facility Management Team & Admin Team. We take great pride in adding Value to our clients Talent Hunt.