Hiring Trends

Without a Doubt there is a Spurt in Recruitment. We too have witnessed Positive Sentiments. We see in the Enclosed Report that there is a 3% improvement in the Hiring Sentiments. With All honestly, we thinks its much more.

While most of the statistics mentioned in the Report match to that we have at Talent Corner, we have a different view on the IT Industry. While we understand that the IT industry is going through its Low Phase in terms of Recruitments, we have witnessed some Good & Serious Mandates given to us.

One of the Area’s where we would love to See an Improvement is More work coming from the Auto industry. This is one industry where we have just not been challenged enough.

Success Story August 2016

August 2016, Saw some Extremely Challenging Positions For the Talent Corner Team. Some of the Positions we are able to Close Included a Sr. Project Manager At a CMM Level 5 IT Company, A Sr- Architect Position at a Renowned Architectural Firm, A Sr. Project Manager  Role at a Infrastructure & Township Planning Company amongst many others.

However One Profile which really pushed the Team was of a General Manager Position at a Steel & Alloy Manufacturing Company in their Factory at Orissa. The Mandate was not Very Simple & they wanted us to Focus Only on a Specific Candidate from a Target Company. After having spoken to the candidate we learnt that although he was ready for the Job Role, he was not a Right Culture Match.

It took us some convincing to get the client to meet other candidates apart from this one who they were ready to offer. However after a lot of persistence from our end they ended up meeting 2 other candidates we recommended & actually selected one out of them. The client appreciated our efforts as we not only ensured that the candidate fit their role & company but also ensured a Factory Visit & joining within 7 days from the Offer. This Pro-Activeness ensured that there were no Last Minute Back Outs.

Our client has further introduced us to their other Business Venture into Serviced Offices where we are recruiting Talent in the Marketing Team, Facility Management Team & Admin Team. We take great pride in adding Value to our clients Talent Hunt.